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The Dirtiest Porn Video Categories

Why dirty porn exists? What do we know about its categories? If we monitor the Internet, we will make a certain list of the most unpleasant slots in the sphere of the adult video:

  • Incest;
  • Virgins’ rape;
  • Gang rape;
  • Brutal threesome;
  • Zoophilia;
  • BDSM.

The scenes in these types of videos are full of cruelty, animal instincts, even wounds, and blood. As usual, participants in intercourse are not equal. There are victim and abuser.

What Are the Reasons?

Why this obviously violent content is popular? First of all, because it is part of an imaginary world and hidden desires of some viewers. F. e. in some online games you can kill prostitutes. And there are games in which the main goal is to create evil. Why? Because it allows releasing of sadistic impulses that people would not have supposedly gone to in real life.

There are other arguments as for porn films:

  • “The worse the movie, the better” – this is a rule even Hollywood now. As experts claim these days, negative emotions are not a bug, but an embedded function.” This mystery becomes even sharper when we address what philosophers call the paradox of horror. Unlike tragedies, horror films rarely have outstanding aesthetic or intellectual qualities. But people like them, and they line up to see how innocent people are killed, tortured and eaten by zombies, psychopaths with axes, sadistically-minded aliens, swamp creatures, angry babies and – the same apply to the adult sphere.  A phallic sting under the arm of an attractive woman in cinema plainly transforms into dirty scenes in porn.
  • The last decade has brought us films like “Hostel” and “Saws”, in which the image of sadistic torture plays a central role. And they are not only watched by a few perverts: films about torture (in the torture porn genre) are shown in multiplexes along with serious dramas about how divorced women find love again, and foolish comedies with the participation of cheeky donkeys helping the main character.
  • Keep in mind that the mystery of the popularity of severe adult videos is not only how we overcome the discomfort of pain. The question is why we like them so much. “Friday, the 13th” would not have become a more popular film if Jason had attacked people with a baseball bat, and “Hamlet” would not have become an outstanding play, if the main character lived long and happy.

People love trash sex online precisely because they have fear inside themselves. And, at least at the rude, primitive level, modern films are much worse than films of the past, and this reflects the dynamics of supply and demand. The worse the video, the better.