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Why Watch Porn?

Someone considers it shameful. There is a struggle against it at the state level in some countries. And yet, pornography remains the most popular industry on the Internet, because almost every one of us at least once clicked on the button to view the video with spicy content. Put aside prejudices and rules! Let’s openly discuss why people are interested in such content.

Some Statistics

In 2005, Score Media Metrix published a report that the number of unique visitors to porn sites almost reached 40% of the total number of global network users. Taking into account the pace of the spread and development of the Internet over the past 7 years, one can only assume how many times this figure has grown. It will not be reduced by corporations-giants who have an income of more than 12 billion dollars in this industry annually. They are responsible for all porn sites that make up 13% of the total number of sites on the Internet.

What Are the Reasons for this Entertainment?

All the proposed options are not inventions by the industry producers. These are the answers that people give themselves to the question “why to watch THIS?” Well, this list looks very vital.

  1. Satisfy sexual desire when there is no partner

Such kind of satisfaction is one of the most basic human needs. Harmony at this level for a female & male and is both a vital joy and the health of the hormonal system. Any problems in this real, can lead to a bad mood, neurosis, illness, bad look. But what is even more, we all know for sure that an unsatisfied woman/man often becomes a threat to society.

  1. Treat art as art

But what to do if there is still a hole in personal life? How to give the output of the sexual energy? The supporters of Freud will remember sublimation. And, of course, they are somewhat right. You can go headlong into creativity and redirect the energy in a different direction.

But this way is not suitable or liked by everyone. Someone does not have the opportunity for this, and sometimes the desire for intimacy is stronger than the creative process itself. And instead of a landscape with poppies, an imaginary nude partner comes out in mind. So the hand itself presses the “Play” button of the porn movie. Viewing and possible caressing yourself can help stagnant sexual energy find a way out. For a while, anxiety & irritability are gone.

  1. Get the mood for a special event

Some people watch porn in order to get a playful mood for the upcoming event. Someone is going to the club with a well-defined goal. Others are waiting for their spouse at home and preparing a special evening.

There are individuals preparing for a responsible date when the relationship moves to another level: a small dose of online arousal helps to overcome excitement and focus on the main thing.