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Real Perversion: or the 5 Most Popular Genres of Porn

There are 5 top porn genres which seem to be created for real pervert. Let’s read about them:

  1. Zoophile – copulating with animals.
  2. Incest – intercourse between children and parents.  
  3. Gang rape – very disgusting thing that includes several sexual abusers.
  4. Hentai – a cartoon with rape scenes.
  5. Fetishesthere are many crazy and strange examples, it is enough to recall a Japanese lady who wanted to marry a plush panda because she loved this homemade toy. Of course, sex with an item is not a norm.

What Scientists Say

The highly developed intellect of homo sapiens not only creates us a lot of problems unfamiliar to other animals but also expands the range of pleasures in an unusual way. Psychology professors at Yale University explain why we are able to enjoy the most strange things – from kissing to cannibalism. They claim about paradoxical pleasures from negative feelings – pain, fear and discomfort.

Here some even more arguments:

  • How does security need to change our impression from different visual content? First of all, she helps us enjoy the pain and torture of others. You can laugh at the scene when a girl falls through the door because you are not worried that he will die or remain crippled, you do not think about the grief of his wife and children, because you know that this character is fictional.
  • Increased tolerance of violence is evident in porn gaming. Often, it offers emasculated versions of pleasant impressions of the real world — flight and car simulators imitate the pleasure of flying and racing. From this point of view, much of the violence in such kind of entertainment can be explained. Usually, in the game, you find yourself in a simulation where the hero does something fascinating, while morally impeccable: protects the world from evil aliens, fuck with zombies, etc. Players would love to do something similar and really if it were safe.
  • Such actions can help us solve a long-standing riddle of pleasure inherited from fiction, which writers articulated back in 18 century: “It seems that the audience of a well-written tragedy receives immeasurable pleasure from sadness, horror, anxiety and other passions that are unpleasant and alarming. The more they hurt, the more they are being delighted… Readers are satisfied to the extent that they are distressed, and they are never as happy as when they emit sighs, sob, and cry, to release their sadness and relieve a soul overflowing with the strongest sympathy and compassion.”

But there is even more dark fun. Porn video security allows people to watch online their worst intentions. The future step is a 3D format or game applications. Through virtual reality or gaming, you will be able to create your own imaginary world, and control another person, animal, any object. Even deprive a person of food and sleep for several days and watch him scream, ask and cry. If he/she dies, greet this event with cheers.

So think twice if you need such content.