10 Trendy Porn Sites in the Global Industry of Adult Films

Are you tired after watching porn to clean your gadget from viruses? Or you just get used to the web site, as it is immediately closed? Then we invite you to examine our list of top options on the global market. What is special about them, what does distinguish them? The fact that the support team does care about these platforms.  

  • pornhub.com

Its free sections of home porn made a revolution in the industry highlighting the content to Spielberg level.

  • nuvid.com  

There is a registration, search by video, mobile version. If you get bored, you can watch different girls show on the webcam online. Two tips are the site’s community and a decent amount of erotic stories.

  • tube8.com

The black background of the site is like a dark room with a lot of secrets. Tips: anal sex, hard sex, young chicks and dozens of other categories to choose from. Duration of clips is very convenient.

  • tnaflix.com

A user-friendly interface, more than fifty sections scored to capacity with high-quality porn videos, and a constantly growing library of videos will not leave anyone boring.

Everything from squirt to double penetration, fetish and much more. The content will delight your eye at any convenient time, any day of the week.

  • xvideos.com

Completely free, absolutely anonymous, with a constantly updated database, it will give you everything that other similar platforms cannot provide. Here you will find amateur porn, deep throats, big asses, curvy tits, and 40+ categories.

  • xnxx.com

Looking for the best free porn site where new videos will be posted all the time? You are at the right place. No dirty tricks, no registration, no malicious advertising. Everything is clean, simple and convenient. There is also a bunch of candid stories that can be read by all fans of this genre.

  • xhamster.com

Do you like simple, classic hot slots without excesses? All the best scenes gathered here, with an option of easy navigation.

  • keezmovies.com

Do you like to watch cool girls live? Or used to just enjoy classic videos? It does not matter. In any case, you will be welcome at this best free porn site. Simple design, no excesses, myriads of clips, fascinating eyes from the most sophisticated amateur porn and the most passionate plots are waiting for a user here.  Frank and relaxed girls of the whole world, hanging in video chat, are waiting for you. And the most joyful thing is that you don’t have to be afraid that you will pick up some viruses by downloading videos,

  • redtube.com

Just enter the main page and you will immediately notice something interesting. You can sort the content by date added, rating, views and most popular videos. RedTube has an excellent list of genres, so if you are looking for something specific, thanks to this option you will find it without any problems.

  • en.heydouga.com

The best Asian world of lovemaking is here. Enjoy a way new culture & traditions in sex relations.

What to choose? It’s up to you!

The Benefits of Watching Porn

What is the benefit of watching adult content? Let’s discover together!

  1. Learn new poses

Even being in a relationship, people watch porn in order to find new poses and techniques for their sex life. Thus, pornography is used as video instruction for sex education.

  • Even having watched porn once, you can better understand how a partner can give you pleasure, get a wish list. And all this is a very beneficial effect on lovemaking in a couple.
  • When a girl/boy does not yet have much sexual experience, she/he needs the knowledge to feel confident in bed. That’s why “How is it?” or “I do not know how” will not become a question in their bedroom.
  1. Realization of fantasies

It also happens that certain desires do not find fulfillment in intimate life for various reasons: you are embarrassed to say, the husband does not support, etc. This pushes some people to view pornographic videos, where these fantasies are realized at least by someone else.

  1. Add spice to the daily routine

Being in a long time in a relationship, lovemaking becomes boring, and even a change of moves or situation refreshes it only slightly. Therefore, some couples sometimes start viewing pornographic videos. Looking at other bodies, two individuals (or a man and a woman separately) gets new emotions, new sensations that allow getting a dose of a completely new sexual arousal and, of course, share it with your partner.

  1. Come across your sexual deviations or compensate for their dissatisfaction

Sometimes our sexual desires are unusual. Such deviations as frotteurism (the desire to secretly touch other people’s genitals under clothing) or voyeurism (the desire to pry someone else’s intercourse) is not from the realm of fantasy, and you have to live with them. And if such a person is in a relationship, then it faces major problems not only in sex but also in communication as a whole. Sometimes this is what pushes to watch porn – sexual dissatisfaction needs at least some way out.

In addition, if you think about it, there is a small percentage of deviation in almost all of us. For example, the same is with applying to adult content. Like? Sometimes yes. But this is nothing but observing someone else’s copulating.

  1. Foreplay before the act of love

Sometimes not only single ones but also loving hearts who, in principle, have no sexual problems, are the audience of hot movies. Joint viewing porn excites, gives the thrill. Some even play a porn movie as a background for their sex. So, they say, excitement lasts longer and, accordingly, lovemaking lasts longer.

We do not incline you to watch porn and do not discourage you from this. We are just for you to better understand your desires and needs, including sexual ones.

Real Perversion: or the 5 Most Popular Genres of Porn

There are 5 top porn genres which seem to be created for real pervert. Let’s read about them:

  1. Zoophile – copulating with animals.
  2. Incest – intercourse between children and parents.  
  3. Gang rape – very disgusting thing that includes several sexual abusers.
  4. Hentai – a cartoon with rape scenes.
  5. Fetishesthere are many crazy and strange examples, it is enough to recall a Japanese lady who wanted to marry a plush panda because she loved this homemade toy. Of course, sex with an item is not a norm.

What Scientists Say

The highly developed intellect of homo sapiens not only creates us a lot of problems unfamiliar to other animals but also expands the range of pleasures in an unusual way. Psychology professors at Yale University explain why we are able to enjoy the most strange things – from kissing to cannibalism. They claim about paradoxical pleasures from negative feelings – pain, fear and discomfort.

Here some even more arguments:

  • How does security need to change our impression from different visual content? First of all, she helps us enjoy the pain and torture of others. You can laugh at the scene when a girl falls through the door because you are not worried that he will die or remain crippled, you do not think about the grief of his wife and children, because you know that this character is fictional.
  • Increased tolerance of violence is evident in porn gaming. Often, it offers emasculated versions of pleasant impressions of the real world — flight and car simulators imitate the pleasure of flying and racing. From this point of view, much of the violence in such kind of entertainment can be explained. Usually, in the game, you find yourself in a simulation where the hero does something fascinating, while morally impeccable: protects the world from evil aliens, fuck with zombies, etc. Players would love to do something similar and really if it were safe.
  • Such actions can help us solve a long-standing riddle of pleasure inherited from fiction, which writers articulated back in 18 century: “It seems that the audience of a well-written tragedy receives immeasurable pleasure from sadness, horror, anxiety and other passions that are unpleasant and alarming. The more they hurt, the more they are being delighted… Readers are satisfied to the extent that they are distressed, and they are never as happy as when they emit sighs, sob, and cry, to release their sadness and relieve a soul overflowing with the strongest sympathy and compassion.”

But there is even more dark fun. Porn video security allows people to watch online their worst intentions. The future step is a 3D format or game applications. Through virtual reality or gaming, you will be able to create your own imaginary world, and control another person, animal, any object. Even deprive a person of food and sleep for several days and watch him scream, ask and cry. If he/she dies, greet this event with cheers.

So think twice if you need such content.

Why Watch Porn?

Someone considers it shameful. There is a struggle against it at the state level in some countries. And yet, pornography remains the most popular industry on the Internet, because almost every one of us at least once clicked on the button to view the video with spicy content. Put aside prejudices and rules! Let’s openly discuss why people are interested in such content.

Some Statistics

In 2005, Score Media Metrix published a report that the number of unique visitors to porn sites almost reached 40% of the total number of global network users. Taking into account the pace of the spread and development of the Internet over the past 7 years, one can only assume how many times this figure has grown. It will not be reduced by corporations-giants who have an income of more than 12 billion dollars in this industry annually. They are responsible for all porn sites that make up 13% of the total number of sites on the Internet.

What Are the Reasons for this Entertainment?

All the proposed options are not inventions by the industry producers. These are the answers that people give themselves to the question “why to watch THIS?” Well, this list looks very vital.

  1. Satisfy sexual desire when there is no partner

Such kind of satisfaction is one of the most basic human needs. Harmony at this level for a female & male and is both a vital joy and the health of the hormonal system. Any problems in this real, can lead to a bad mood, neurosis, illness, bad look. But what is even more, we all know for sure that an unsatisfied woman/man often becomes a threat to society.

  1. Treat art as art

But what to do if there is still a hole in personal life? How to give the output of the sexual energy? The supporters of Freud will remember sublimation. And, of course, they are somewhat right. You can go headlong into creativity and redirect the energy in a different direction.

But this way is not suitable or liked by everyone. Someone does not have the opportunity for this, and sometimes the desire for intimacy is stronger than the creative process itself. And instead of a landscape with poppies, an imaginary nude partner comes out in mind. So the hand itself presses the “Play” button of the porn movie. Viewing and possible caressing yourself can help stagnant sexual energy find a way out. For a while, anxiety & irritability are gone.

  1. Get the mood for a special event

Some people watch porn in order to get a playful mood for the upcoming event. Someone is going to the club with a well-defined goal. Others are waiting for their spouse at home and preparing a special evening.

There are individuals preparing for a responsible date when the relationship moves to another level: a small dose of online arousal helps to overcome excitement and focus on the main thing.

The Dirtiest Porn Video Categories

Why dirty porn exists? What do we know about its categories? If we monitor the Internet, we will make a certain list of the most unpleasant slots in the sphere of the adult video:

  • Incest;
  • Virgins’ rape;
  • Gang rape;
  • Brutal threesome;
  • Zoophilia;
  • BDSM.

The scenes in these types of videos are full of cruelty, animal instincts, even wounds, and blood. As usual, participants in intercourse are not equal. There are victim and abuser.

What Are the Reasons?

Why this obviously violent content is popular? First of all, because it is part of an imaginary world and hidden desires of some viewers. F. e. in some online games you can kill prostitutes. And there are games in which the main goal is to create evil. Why? Because it allows releasing of sadistic impulses that people would not have supposedly gone to in real life.

There are other arguments as for porn films:

  • “The worse the movie, the better” – this is a rule even Hollywood now. As experts claim these days, negative emotions are not a bug, but an embedded function.” This mystery becomes even sharper when we address what philosophers call the paradox of horror. Unlike tragedies, horror films rarely have outstanding aesthetic or intellectual qualities. But people like them, and they line up to see how innocent people are killed, tortured and eaten by zombies, psychopaths with axes, sadistically-minded aliens, swamp creatures, angry babies and – the same apply to the adult sphere.  A phallic sting under the arm of an attractive woman in cinema plainly transforms into dirty scenes in porn.
  • The last decade has brought us films like “Hostel” and “Saws”, in which the image of sadistic torture plays a central role. And they are not only watched by a few perverts: films about torture (in the torture porn genre) are shown in multiplexes along with serious dramas about how divorced women find love again, and foolish comedies with the participation of cheeky donkeys helping the main character.
  • Keep in mind that the mystery of the popularity of severe adult videos is not only how we overcome the discomfort of pain. The question is why we like them so much. “Friday, the 13th” would not have become a more popular film if Jason had attacked people with a baseball bat, and “Hamlet” would not have become an outstanding play, if the main character lived long and happy.

People love trash sex online precisely because they have fear inside themselves. And, at least at the rude, primitive level, modern films are much worse than films of the past, and this reflects the dynamics of supply and demand. The worse the video, the better.